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Lease Returns

Cadillac Lease Coming to an End? We're Got Options for You Here!

All good things must come to an end, which means your Cadillac lease will eventually come to an end. Fortunately, here at Cadillac of Las Vegas, we've got a few options you can take when it's time for your lease to come to an end. If you're a driver in the greater Las Vegas area, check out our lease-end options below for the path that suits your situation. Our staff is on hand to help make the transition to a new Cadillac model smooth and easy, so don't hesitate to give us a call at (855) 554-9028 for any lingering questions!

Option 1:

 Purchase or lease a new vehicle

Bring your leased Cadillac to us, turn it in, and jump into your next new Cadillac vehicle! This is the option most of our customers choose when their Cadillac lease comes to an end. When you turn your leased vehicle in, you have the option of moving onto another new Cadillac vehicle, which you can choose to lease or purchase. This gives you access to a fresh, new model every few years, keeping things fresh and fun.

Option 2:

Return your leased vehicle to Cadillac of Las Vegas regardless if you leased it here or not.

Even if you didn't lease it from us, you can return your leased Cadillac to us anyway! We do our best to make this seamless and easy, so we'll take care of any necessary paperwork associated with the lease return, but there are a few things you're still going to be responsible for:

  • If you have any final lease payments to make, they are due at this time
  • Any 'Excessive Miles' charges are due at this time
  • Any 'Excess Wear & Use' charges are also due at this time
  • Any other end-of-lease-term obligations will be taken care of here

Option 3:

Love your Car? Buy It!

Maybe you found that the Cadillac car, crossover, or SUV you originally leased turned out to be everything you want from a vehicle and more! If that's the case, at the end of your lease, you can simply choose to buy your vehicle at that time, and since you're going to be the buyer, there's no need to have it inspected, because there aren't any lease-end obligations with this option! This open allows you to benefit from your leased vehicle as well as the great available financing rates and protection plans we offer.

The end of lease might seem like a gray-area, but when you return your lease with us at Cadillac of Las Vegas, we take the stress out of lease-end time, so you can see yourself into the driver's seat of your next new Cadillac quickly and easy, without missing a beat in between. Come see us in our beautiful showroom for a new Cadillac of your own, or reach out to us to schedule a time to do your lease-end vehicle turn-in!

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